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Our Stock Photo News section is here to help keep you informed of the latest developments from Microstock agencies, traditional Image Libraries and the Stock Photography industry in general. We have setup an automatic news update system here to benefit you whether you are casual snapper, keen amateur or seasoned professional.

Be the first to read about news items connected to current and future developments of micro-stock , enhancements in search engine technology, improvements in marketing channels and introduction of new product content lines from photo libraries. Learn about legal requirements of the stock libraries so that you can consider the practicalities of compliance with them and other general but related legal issues. Discover expected trends in conceptual images to take advantage of, market research tips for stock photographers and alternative income stream opportunities for stock photographers.

And, unlike most news services, we make it easy to provide direct public commentary on news items as well. Share with us and our audience, your take on the news stories that catch your attention.

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And, you can add your own commentary on a particular news item or even add your own information and become part of Stock Photo News at If you know of important news from the world of stock photography that isn't included on this page or want to share your opinion or stock photography experience, just skip the news summary above, and add the details.

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Stock Photo News

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