Photography Portfolio

Preparing a photography portfolio is an essential step for any photographer serious about his photographic work. It not only showcases your ability and vision but is the key to self-promotion and attracting prospective clients.

Unfortunately, often many photographers find the prospect of creating a portfolio quite a daunting one. It can be overwhelming to rummage through thousands of images you have taken over the years or you might feel that your images are not good enough to compile into a portfolio or simply you do not know where to begin from. If any of this resonates with you, do not worry, we are here to help you overcome these obstacles and show you crucial strategies for preparing a stunning portfolio that lands you that dream assignment and promotes your photographic work.

Whether you are a photography student, advanced amateur or aspiring professional, you will find the advice in these pages vital for a truly successful future in photography. So let’s start:

    1. Research and devise a plan – in this section we cover the initial steps you should take and gather information that will not only assist you in creating a high-impact portfolio but also improve your photography in general.

    2. 10 essential steps to preparing a strong photography portfolio and the secrets of successful image editing for maximum viewer's impact – in this section we will share with you step-by-step image editing procedure for creating a stunning portfolio that captivates its viewer.

    3. Create different portfolios for different occasions – in this section we discuss the importance of not mixing radically different styles in the same portfolio. We cover the key aspects for creating successful portfolio in the photography fields of :

    4. So what options do I have for presenting my Portfolio? – How you present your portfolio is just as important as how you create it. In this section we go through the different presentation options and portfolio types available. We cover effective strategies for topics such as :

    • Print Portfolios

    • Online Portfolios

    • Disk Portfolios

    • Slide Portfolios

Creating Photography Portfolio

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